ODM Precision Industry Co., Ltd

  ODM Precision Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2003, housing over 42 Japanese-imported complexes dual-spindle Swiss type lathe. It’s mill-turn machine with capability of oblique hole processing and realizing five-axes synchronous moving. We offer ONE-STOP SERVICE, handling everything from manufacturing to complete products including post-processing. We also can provide you with various turning parts and exclusive customized parts.
  The components manufactured by ODM Precision are all controlled by following ISO9001, achieving high precision manufacturing, high quality, and high yield especially in complicated appearance. We also use ESPRIT CAM system that can be programmed directly. With this program, the designed turning parts can be more flexible and detailed than traditional ones during the processing of manufacturing. Also, it can more accurately estimate production plans and costs. During the manufacturing, we use CPK and SPC to analyze process capabilities. Countless inspection can also effectively manage the quality, reduce processing time, and greatly improve production rates and work efficiency.
  Before shipping, ODM Precision will check randomly and keep close tabs on our qualities. All the cleaned turning components are in compliance with the SIP standard. We will also provide inspection reports and material certificates when the parts are shipped. Also, related documents such as CPK, PPK, CP, PFEMA, PPAP can also be provided.


Automotive and Motorcycle Components,Automotive Safety System Parts,Medical Components,Bone Screws, Electronic optical parts, Lens components,Bicycle parts, Motor Shafts, Probes, Axles,Precision Screws, Special Precision Screws,Spray Components and Assembly, Quick Connectors,Industrial connectors,Fiber Optic Connector Components, Mechanical Parts, Tool components, Various metal components, Ultra-fine and Ultra-precision Parts, ODM, OEM
‧ RoHs and REACH can be provided.
Related documents such as CPK, PPK, CP, PFEMA, PPAP can also be provided.


Outer Diameter: 0.1-51mm
Precision: ±3 μm
Surface roughness: Ra0.8
CPK ≥1.33
Under special circumstances CPK ≥1.66

Surface Treatment

  • Anodizing
  • Trivalent zinc, trivalent chromium
  • Heat treatment
  • Electroless nickel, chemical nickel
  • Painting
  • Sand blasting
  • Polishing
  • Centerless grinding
  • Vibratory grinding
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Other post-processing procedures


  • Stainless Steel:SUS303 SUS304 SUS316 SUS416 SUS420 SUS440 SUS630 and so on
  • Alloy Steel:SUJ2 SCM440 6150 S45C S80C 1144 12L14 1215 2083D and so on
  • Titanium Alloy:GR5 GR2 64-TAI and so on
  • Copper Alloy:C1100 C5191 C17300 C3604 C6802 and so on
  • Aluminum Alloy:2011 2024 5052 6061 6082 7075 and so on
  • Nickel Alloy:MONEL-R405 MONEL-K500 and so on
  • Plastic Alloy:POM PEEK PTFE and so on
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